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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What got me snipped from - 4

I suppose I have waited long enough now since the other day to see whether publishing my comment to an article on the fake skeptic opinion blog has only been delayed, or whether it has been vanished again. To clarify, I do not claim censoring away my comments was a violation of my rights to freely express my opinion or similar. There aren't any such rights on private blogs. It is fully up to the discretion of a blog owner, in this case Anthony Watts, or the moderators who do this on his/her behalf, to decide what is allowed to be posted and what isn't for what reason ever. I document here the censored comments for two reasons:

1. It exposes the claims made by Anthony Watts or his moderators as falsehoods, according to which comments expressing views contrary to the ones of the blog host or his followers were not censored by them on his blog as they please, and it exposes Anthony Watt's hypocrisy, since he complains that his comments or other fake skeptic's comments were censored on blogs of climate realists (e.g., here), allegedly unlike what he practices with comments by climate realists on his blog. He exactly practices the same of what he accuses others. Different sites have different biases. This would be all fine, if Watts and Co. weren't lying about what they do.

2. I do not want to have written the comments for nothing. If they are not published where I submitted them I publish them here.

Following comment written by me to the article "NASA on Arctic sea ice record low - storm 'wreaked havoc on the Arctic sea ice cover" was not published:

----- snip -----
Anthony Watts wrote:

NASA finally admits it Arctic cyclone in August ‘broke up’ and ‘wreaked havoc’ on sea ice — Reuters reports Arctic storm played ‘key role’ in this season’s sea ice reduction.

"NASA finally admits" == Loaded language. I suspect this choice of words is supposed to suggest that something had been hidden from the public before, the knowledge of which would change any of the conclusions. As if the fact that some individual weather event like this cyclone additionally contributed to the sea ice minimum in the Arctic this year, would negate that 1.) Arctic sea ice was already lower than 2007 at the same time of the year before this storm occurred and the record probably would have been broken anyway, or 2) that there has been a multi-decadal trend of Arctic sea ice decline, for which there is evidence that it has been unprecedented for at least 1,450 years (Kinnard et al., 2011, doi: 10.1038/nature10581). The Arctic sea ice decline is empirical evidence that global warming is really happening. Therefore the need to downplay it in this opinion blog. I observe how hard you and your friends try to do this.

I predict this won't have been the last time that the Arctic sea ice extend has broken its record minimum. The Arctic sea ice extend (and volume) will break record minimums over and over again in the years and decades ahead, since greenhouse gas mixing ratios in the atmosphere continue to increase and therefore global warming continues.  "Global cooling" that is announced here as allegedly happening or being right around the corner quite frequently is a figment of the imagination of the ones who assert it.

----- snip -----

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